At CAP, the client is the
primary tool in the
rehabilitation process.

The CAP Pain Centre

In 2005, after close to 14 years of expertise in working with pain specialists treating persistent incapacity related to an injury, Christina Anston founded the CAP Pain Centre. Today, Christina continues to help individuals with their pain and suffering and to use her knowledge in physical training for a population with very specific needs.

At CAP, we identify obstacles susceptible to impede the outcome of the rehabilitation process. We work as a team with our clients, encouraging and helping them to regain a more fulfilling quality of life. We provide interdisciplinary and pain management programs aiming towards reactivation and treatment of persistent incapacity related problems. With efficient tools but mostly WITH YOU, we work together in reaching your goals.

The 3 steps to start a program

1. Initial evaluations
2. Identification of potential obstacles
3. Customized programs

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