Because pain
does not wait.

Why the CAP Pain Centre ?

You are suffering from persistent incapacity ?
You know that you could wait up to two years to be treated in the public sector ?
You cannot imagine how you could wait that long ?
You are worried about the negative impact of your situation on your life ?
You don’ t know where to turn for help ?
The CAP Pain Centre is an interdisciplinairy treatment centre, insuring an immediate intervention for treatment and management of persistent incapacity related problems.

Our mission

We strive to provide you with every tool, technique and approach available, aiming at helping you diminish and manage your incapacity related problems. You will learn to gradually go back to activities and regain a better quality of life in all aspects: social, personal and professional. With you, we will work at enhancing your functional capacities and encouraging you to regain your freedom !

Our approach

Since the very beginning, we favor a personalized approach, one on one, case by case. We refuse to become a serial treatment facility. With you, we work at taming your difficulties and understanding your rehabilitation process.

CAP and research

Always striving to enhance our knowledge and understand better the complexity of persistent incapacity problems, we also are a research Centre, constantly trying to find new ways to treat incapacity and its ramifications. As soon as a specific case does not respond to conventional therapies, we take charge and conceive a non conventional approach, inspired by our years of research and expertise. In doing such, we bring a special contribution to the treatment and management of persistent incapacity.

At CAP, you get to understand your
rehabilitation process and to become
the instrument of your own treatment.

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