10% of your files are individuals
coping with chronic pain ?
We are ready to help you.

We know there are many reasons why an individual will resist treatments usually performed after an initial injury. Even a well proven program, successful in most cases, may not be sufficient for this 10% of population. We, at CAP, are constantly developing ways to achieve good results, even with chronic cases. The reason for our success resides within our philosophy, our approach and comprehension of the problems related to persistent incapacity.

Our non conventional approach

We approach each individual as a whole, because we know each person is unique. Of course, this requires more time and an on going commitment, nonetheless, since its foundation, this approach has been CAP’s mission. Furthermore, when need be, we at CAP, do not hesitate to modify our approach or try something new if we feel it might help someone. THAT IS OUR VISION.


Our expertise in treating persistent incapacity and with pain management, allows us to identify the obstacles to rehabilitation. Our reactivation programs are composed of efficient physical therapies, administered within a cognitive behavioral context. Our approach is directed towards individual presenting:

Difficult Cases

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