A personalized and
individual approach.

Customized programs

At CAP, programs are customized and personalized to address the complexity of persistent incapacity related problems. The programs are administered by our professionals, who will work with you to not only manage the incapacity problems, but mostly to assist you in understanding and recognizing all aspects of the problem. WE WORK WITH YOU TO BREAK THE CYCLE:


Regular team meetings will insure the integration of specific plans of action, for as long as you are participating in the program. Our professionals will discuss your situation and will share their expertise in treating and managing persistent incapacity problems. We keep your doctor informed of your progress and the evolution of your situation.


The initial evaluation process is the first, essential step towards the personalization of your program, in allowing our professionals to determine which approach will be best suitable for your specific needs. At CAP, we believe that every person should benefit from customized treatments, based on their situation and personality. Your program will generally be composed of physical, ergonomic and psychological interventions, administered in conjunction to maximize the potential benefits. Our programs will require a regular attendance at the Centre, for a number of weeks that will be determined after the initial evaluations. A follow up evaluation will be performed after a few weeks of treatments and all necessary modifications will be made, according to your evolution.


We understand that you may be impatient to resume a more active lifestyle, and you may feel somewhat unsure of your capacity to get back to a more normal life, or anxious about injuring yourself again or seeing your condition worsened in resuming some activity. At CAP, our therapists will support you throughout the whole process and with you, will identify and address the situations that may interfere with your rehabilitation, and find appropriate solutions. In most cases and with your sustained motivation, we do reach our goals ! FIND YOUR FREEDOM AGAIN !

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