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Causes of persistent incapacity

The CAP Pain Centre offers specific treatment programs to anyone suffering from persistent incapacity related to:


When and how we intervene

You have been submitted to all the necessary medical investigations and a doctor told you that no other intervention was indicated for your situation, but a rehabilitation and chronic pain management approach. At this point, we are ready to intervene. We will put together a personalized plan of treatment for your condition, but first, we need to make sure that you have received the medical attention that your situation required, and that you have been referred to CAP for persistent incapacity related problems.

Then, for as long as you are following your program with us, we will closely monitor your situation and report your progress, and immediately alert your doctor of any concern.

The impact of persistent incapacity

The ramifications of persistent incapacity often affect every aspect of your life, whether your physical condition, your self esteem, your mood, your personal interactions, and of course, your financial situation for not being able to work.

Incapacity will not get the last word

Many of you will contact us after finding out that you are suffering from persistent incapacity related problems, when realizing that no one can help you and that you have to live with this new reality. One of the most important steps in the rehabilitation process, is to learn to recognize your potential limitations and assimilate the lifestyle changes that your new condition imposes. However, with proper treatments, the perceived invalidity, the level of pain and suffering and the despair you may feel, will not get the best of you !

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