A personalized and
individual approach.

Please tell us about your personal experience with chronic pain and persistent incapacity ?

Sylvia Vincelette: When I met Christina Anston, I had been living with chronic pain and persistent incapacity for over 13 years. I could not work or lead a normal life and the ramifications of inactivity and chronicity, were numerous. Slowly but surely, Christina helped me change my perception of my situation and brought me to focus on my future and what I would wish to achieve. With hard work, support and help, I have managed to learn how to cope and gradually get back on my feet and start living again… so when Christina asked me to manage the CAP Pain Centre in 2005, I was so happy to be able to give back and help others like I had been helped.

Here, at CAP, how do you approach reactivation ?

S.V.: From the moment we started CAP, it was decided that we would approach the individual as opposed to only the problem. It is all about investing in the person, listening and trying to understand the individual. At CAP, the person becomes the primary tool in the rehabilitation process. It is more demanding for all of us, but certainly well worth it when you see the results ! When conventional therapies have not been sufficient, we have to turn to the individual in finding solutions within the person. Our goal is to encourage that person to regain functional capacities. Each person reactivated at our Centre, is a personal victory for me !

What is your implication with research ?

S.V.: Research is an essential part of our approach. We constantly look at everything that is happening in our field, conventional and alternative. We, ourselves, contribute to research with our own trials and modified approaches at the Centre and try different avenues that often lead us to new findings, which bring us to constantly modify and perfect our treatments.

How do you evaluate the outcome of your approach ?

S.V.: Remember that we treat the individuals who did not respond to conventional therapies and are referred to as “difficult cases”. So among that population treated at CAP, no less than 58% will be able to resume work. To sum it all up, our goal is to help people find their way back to a better quality of life. Everybody wins !

Sylvia Vincelette,
Management and
Organization Director.
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