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- Peter

"Christina Anston was able to help me recuperate from an injury that had limited my mobility and quality of life. Through detailed planning, communicative ideas and constant support, Christina and her team were able to set me back on the road to recovery through controlled exercises and pain management, that allowed me the freedom to work within an office environment. I recommend any employee or executive whose quality of life is hampered by physical health constraints see Christina and maybe, she can help that person back to an acceptable level of mobility and quality of life".

- Evelyne (septembre 2011)

" I have found my experience very interesting. As days went by, I learned not to try so hard to control my emotions and to gain better confidence in myself, but mostly I learned not to wait without asking. The cardio exercices, athough difficult, helped me a lot and stretching exercices have proven beneficial and comforting. I think the psychological approach is very important and has helped me realize that I can move forward with my life. I have climbed up the hill and the ambiance there is great for the moral! Group exercices are very motivating...i love them! I forget my pain...thank you from the bottom of my heart..."


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